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What is Private Duty Nursing for Children?

Pediatric private duty nursing, or PDN, is a branch of medical healthcare providers with special nursing skills that attends to the medical needs of the child in the home. Every medically compromised child has special needs and caring for such a child can be challenging and even stressful. Most of these children require a pediatric private duty nurse for continuous and personalized care. These home care pediatric nurses work on flexible schedules, from a per-visit basis to constant full day care.

Another factor that might contribute to a need for a private duty nurse for your child is that they are more emotionally unstable than most adults. Thus being in nurturing and familiar environment such as their own home can improve chances of better engagement in therapy and better results.

Dynamic Healthcare Inc knows that as a parent, your child is your highest priority. And you will do everything under your authority to ensure they are given the best childhood possible. But unfortunately, when your child’s health is under the cloud it can be difficult for parents to accomplish and address these requirements alone. Fortunately, private duty nurses at Dynamic Healthcare Inc will make sure you and your child get that required extra care.

Who Would Need The Services Of A Pediatric Private Duty Nurse?

There are several reasons why a child might require the services of a pediatric private duty nurse, but usually, the daily needs of the child go beyond the capabilities of their guardians. Sometimes child’s physician deems at-home nursing care medically necessary.

Children who might need PDN are often on ventilators, have a chronic disease, or maybe have a disability such as quadriplegia. Other children who might require private duty nursing include ones who are neurologically compromised, with traumatic brain injuries, premature babies, or children with respiratory issues.

Benefits of hiring Dynamic Healthcare Inc Pediatric Private Duty Nurse:

  1. Optimized Quality of Life

Our trained staff will give your children the support needed while also making life more pleasant for them.

  1. Fewer Trips To Hospitals

At-home nursing for children who have chronic or acute illnesses ensures they make fewer trips to the hospital, and the duration of these visits is shorter. This will reduce the risk of infection or complications as hospitalizations always pose a risk. An added benefit is lower financial costs compared to frequent hospital visits.

  1. Early Management Of Complications

Our trained pediatric private duty nurse will alert doctors to any changes in condition, which might require early treatment.

  1. Personalized Planning And Care

One-on-One care will ensure your child gets the attention he deserves. Patients will also get a personalized treatment plan with much focus on the patient’s future. Plus your private duty nurse will be keeping an eye on meal plans for proper nutrition.

  1. Parent Education

Dynamic Healthcare Inc registered nursing staff will also educate parents on their child’s condition and how to better handle the needs of their children.